Happiness - a Transitory Moment in Life

Happiness is a term or situation in a life after which each and every human being in this world run after. The ultimate motto of all the people in their life is being happy. Nothing provides greater satisfaction to a human being than being happy. Happiness can be of many types for each person be it financial happiness, happiness for being loved and so on. But the main worry for every person is that for most of them this happiness is transitory or temporary. This is because happiness and sadness run one after another. No human beings are happy throughout their life. Sadness is bound to appear in their life at some stage. 

 Happiness is a stage that most of the time comes to life after a long struggle to achieve it. It might appear and even vanish suddenly. No one can bet the duration of their happiness. Some people run after money to make themselves happier, some desire love from close ones which give them ultimate happiness and some derives happiness by helping others. 

The ultimate reason for which people earn is to gain happiness. Some people dreams of having their own car or own house which provides them their desired happiness. But nothing can guarantee permanent happiness. No one in this world likes to be sad. But sadness arrives at different stages of life which people needs to accept. This sadness is equally transitory as happiness. In order to have a satisfied life, people needs to find happiness even in small stages that God provides them. No one can achieve happiness at every moment of life but whenever it arrives, they should celebrate them to the fullest because those little moments can make their life perfect. It is unlikely that a person can get all the happiness that he or she desires. According to some people, the best way to be happy is to make others happy. Providing happiness to some poor or needy people gives them the ultimate satisfaction in their life. For most of the people happiness comes through financial stability but there is a famous line which states that “money can’t buy you happiness”. Financial stability does help a person to achieve some long desired dreams or buy some products that they wish to but this cannot guarantee them longer happiness. 

 As discussed earlier, happiness and sadness run hands in hands. Everyone needs to accept these stages whenever they arrive. In order to get happiness in smaller things, people needs to read and follow lives of famous personalities and their struggles to find happiness. Their stories can inspire people to achieve what they desire to be happy. But the ultimate point is that happiness is still transitory however a person may fight hard to protect it. Therefore, whenever it comes in whatever quantity, he or she should enjoy those moments and live the life to the fullest and should find happiness in the smallest thing possible. 

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