Happiness is a divine gift which we directly get from God. People never count worldly gains as happiness rather they should find happiness in mental peace. Happiness lies in peaceful and stable situation. So where we find peace and stability we can automatically feel happiness. To see happiness in monetary success or in other worldly things is very short type happiness. The real happiness lies in our mind. Mental happiness is the best happiness. Happiness is never count in the matters how much money a man collect, how big house a man built or even how luxuriously he or she spends his or her life. But it is count in the moment’s joy. Our seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, years are very important to us because they left the sweetest gift of memory in our lap.  Every situation of life is a chance to make you happy or to make others happy. If we try a little to make others happy then surely we will be also happy. As it is the way of life.

Happiness lies in the goodness of mental status. Happiness is a feeling that comes directly from our heart without any outer force. It is a mental or emotional state of wellness .It is a kind of human feeling. Happiness is a status of our mind which controls through love, fulfilment, gaiety or energy.

In our modern world people are not happy with their own life. They are not happy in their appearance, work, place and so on. In a word they are not happy in their being.

People worry a lot for future. So that they spend more time to earn more money. But my dear friend money is not honey. More money does not mean   more happiness. So a person should spend a quality time with their family members in search of real happiness.

Stress, depression, insomnia and mental disorder are the ornaments of modern people. The reality is that if you are really happy then you don’t bother about such problems.

Happiness is residing in our happy conditions. If our style of living is full of peace and happiness then we will be really happy. It does not matter how big or small it is .But one thing is very certain; it will earn a positive result.

Happiness starts from our family. If we have a good family life no matter we are happy. Next I want to put emphasis on having a true friend. A unique friend is a great source of our happiness. One really said, “One reliable friend equal to ten thousand relatives.”Friends are the best cause to be happy forever. In our life many times we are unconsciously guided by our friends. If there will be really a true friend then it will be the cause of our true happiness. A friend has the quality to feel us better than others. So we can easily unfold ourselves to friend.

Next target in the way of happiness is to get a well job. This is surely the cause of our happiness. . If an adult is happy with his work then surely he is a really happy person.

Having leisure is also a kind of happiness. It shines us. It rejuvenates us. Come let us use your leisure to make yourself happy. Leisure is a very healthy dish for happiness.

In spite of having all the things without love and affection you are not happy completely. Love and affection give us complete happiness. These are the vital things of life which are very necessary to remain happy lifelong.

Mental happiness is the prime cause of happiness. To get that happiness one may –

Go for a walk, spend time with nature, flick through old photos and spend time with pet. Happiness is also in well – grouped conversation. To be grateful is another vital way of happiness. So try to be happy and make others happy.

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