Health is Wealth

This is one maxim that has withstood the test of time and is universally acknowledged and concurred. There can be no better gift than the gift of good health and a person who is fortunate enough to have it and maintain it shall always stay ahead in the race of life. Heath is the most important parameter to determine happiness. A person can be happy without money, without success, without love even but it is absolutely impossible to attain happiness without health.

There is no greater possible gift or accomplishment than that of good health. To be able to wake up each morning and rise and shine with the beaming sun, fit in mind and body must be our strongest source of gratification. Without the bliss of good health there can be no peace, no contentment, no happiness.

Health is not only wealth, it is greater than all the riches of the world accumulated at one place. Money can buy you luxuries and assets but cannot guarantee you good health. Good health however can make you strive deeply, passionately and perseveringly towards success and money.

One must never ever take good health, for granted. Clean eating, clean breathing and clean living has remarkable effect on one’s health. One must practise to eat frugally, exercise moderately and practise good thoughts liberally in order to avail the full benefit of good health. Being in sync with our thoughts and breathing shall also help to keep our mind calm, clear and de-detoxified. Eating loads of fresh fruits, green vegetables, simple home cooked meals and nuts and milk with adequate amount of protein is the basic requirement towards attaining good health.

Water is of critical essence. Since 70% of the human body is made of water, it is crucial that we maintain a regular intake of water to keep our system hydrated. Some form of physical exercise is also a must. For children that entails playing outdoor games and sports, for adults it may be some sort of cardio vascular exercise like swimming, walking, cycling, rowing, running, jogging depending on the physical fitness and age. Breathing exercises and meditation is equally important to maintain communion with the soul.

Sleep is also a key factor that is often overlooked in our quest for good health.A human body cannot function optimally without a requisite amount of sleep, depending on the age. For young school going children it may be from 9 to 10 hrs and for every adult it must not be less than 7 to 8 hours of sound, undisturbed sleep. A good sleep helps the body and mind to recharge itself and heal itself before tackling fresh challenges of the next day.

No challenge is too daunting for a man who is fit and healthy, no task too forbidding. A healthy person can pursue his dreams, remain happy and cheerful, and not give way to constant complaining and cribbing about the rawness of the deal. For him every challenge is an opportunity and all things in life good and beautiful. He is a constant source of pride and joy to his loved ones and an asset to the society, nation and human race.

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