Ideal Student

An Ideal Student is a misnomer. Since, there can be nothing ideal about a stage in life in which you are still grappling with realities, trying to differentiate the right from the wrong, figuring out your role models, and your interest and aptitude towards life. But one thing is for sure having the right values, respect for the elders and an innate honesty towards whatever one decides to pursue is intrinsic to being an ideal student.

· The prime trait that sets an ideal student apart, will definitely be the willingness to learn and the open mindedness needed to ensure that wisdom,at all levels. A person who has closed his mind to all external influences and is too high and mighty of his own knowledge will never have the aptitude to be a good student. Think Duryodhana and the reason for his failure in spite of being one of the best mace –wielder of his times and having the command of the largest army.

· Discipline is integral to being a good students. It is not enough to be meritorious, genius or a child prodigy. What is integral to success, is the binding discipline to pursue it diligently, till one gets its right. Acquisition of knowledge and skill requires dedication and self-sacrifice of the highest order. Think Eklavya and his single –minded dedication, for whom Drona’s refusal to teach could not be the deterrent in his pursuit of education.

· Focus and single-minded devotion is intrinsic to success. If one’s mind gets easily deviated by superfluous things, then success shall always elude him. Think Arjuna and the bird’s eye episode.

· Magnanimity and generosity must come natural to him. Knowledge is not knowledge which is not shared and kept stingily to oneself. So, one must be willing to share one’s knowledge with others, be it peers, siblings, juniors. Think Balram and his inclination share his mace- wielding technique with both Duryodhana of Kaurava clan and Bhima of Pandava clan equally.

· Being a good student means the willingness to learn at each and every stage of life. There is no age barrier to learn new things. Each day, each encounter, each experience is a learning opportunity. Think – Abhimanyu and the lesson learnt in his mother’s womb. Think Arjuna and what made him race ahead in his quest to become the best archer of his times, though he very well knew that in sheer prowess, Karna was not far behind. It was his constant yearning for enhancement that led him to procure divine weapons from Lord Indra, Pashupatastra from Lord Shiva and always put Lord Krishan on a pedestal acknowledging him as his Soul Guru.

· Being a good student means not restricting your urge to learn on grounds of your prejudice but being open-minded to look beyond biases and imbibe from learning experiences from all kinds of  people, even from those whom we might not share a pleasant rapport. Think Rama’s sublimating himself in front of Ravana and acknowledging him as the more learned of the two.

· Acknowledge the debt of your teachers and be grateful to them for what they have taught you. Think Karna and his fortitude in withstanding the scorpion bite in order to ensure his mentor, Parshuram, slept undisturbed.

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