Importance of Sports

Something as elemental as playing a sport, any sport for that matter has immense impact on a person’s physiological and psychological built as it helps to strengthen the immune system, provide co-ordination between the mind and the body and improve mental and physical agility. Not only that, playing Sports also helps in making a person more social and builds his moral and ethical character.

In earlier days, children had to be forcibly dragged away from the playground at the hour of dusk and taken back to their homes. Today, the converse has become the norm. Parents have to push their children away from the computer, television or mobile screens to allot some time for any kind of Sport. The added pressure of increased competition, changes in the syllabus and security issues and paucity of space also confine the children within the four walls of their homes and deprive them of this much needed tonic for growth and development.

It has been rightly said that only a Sound body canhouse a Sound Mind. Children can pursue their education better only when their body and mind is in perfect order with enough supply of fresh air and productive exertion. The agility, flexibility and suppleness required to maintain a fit body and an alert mind is only earned after toiling in the playground.

The habit of playing sports from an early age keep us fit and occupied. The order, discipline and the dedication required in playing sports prepares us better for the travails entailed in the journey of life.

The friendships and bonding that are forged on the playground stand the test of time. There can be no better channelizing of youthful zest and energy than to direct them in some adrenalin boosting sports which, in turn would make them more aware, dutiful and conscientious citizens.

It is widely documented by psychologists, counselors and educationists that students who participate in some sports or the other perform diligently well in their academic pursuits too. It is never either/or case. Since time immemorial Sports/ and athletic events have been recognized as a hallmark of any civilization which does not only serve functional purpose but delivers a host of benefits. Discipline and team work is inculcated and the spirit of sportsmanship helps to inculcate lasting values which subsequently turn them into valiant soldiers, brilliant statesman, astute politicians, brilliant academicians and conscientious citizens who take pride in their nation.

Educationists, social scientists, pediatricians, psychologists and counselors jointly believe that more funds should be allocated by the government and private enterprises towards promotion of sports and nurturing of talent from an early age so that this critical aspect receives the much needed impetus and boost to cover more and more children under its blanket coverage.

Any society which intends to bring up its future generation as healthy, well developed, well rounded and disciplined, needs to invest its time, effort and money in the Sports arena, which inspires people to play not for triumph or victory but for the joy and exhilaration of being alive and capturing the moment.

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