Kinds of Forces

We will discuss here about the kinds of forces i.e. force of friction and force of attraction. Suppose when we push our toy car on a carpet it slows down and stops after sometime.

The force which acts on it to slow it down is called the force of friction. Friction occurs because of the rubbing of the toy car against the rough surface of the carpet. When we push the toy car on a smooth floor we see the force which acts on it is fast because the force of friction is less on a smooth surface.

When we throw up a ball, it slows down, stops and then falls down. This is because a force called gravity acts on it. This force pulls the ball down. In fact gravity acts on every object on the Earth. That is why when we throw anything up, it comes down.

For example, when we kick a ball to make it move on the ground, it moves. But it moves upto a certain distance and then stops. It stops because of the opposite force exerted by the ground. The force exerted by the ground to stop the moving ball is called the force of friction produced on the surface of the ground.

If a toy-car is pushed on the floor, it runs for a short period and then stops due to friction between the toy-car and the floor.

Thus friction is the force generated between a moving body and the surface on which it moves. The frictional force ultimately stops a moving body.

When a football is kicked towards the sky, it moves up. After sometime it comes down to the ground.

A ripe mango or any other fruit falls down on the ground, when it breaks from a tree. It does not go up. The reason of its coming down is the gravitational pull of the earth. The earth attracts everything towards it exertering the gravitational force.

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