“We are born alone, we live alone, we die alone. Only our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we are not alone.”- Orson Welles

Love is the powerful and omnipresent feeling to mankind. The feeling of love is not described in words rather it can feel by a person who has a heart to feel. 

L for lasting

O for oneness

V for valuable 

E for emotion 

These four letters are needed to make the word. Love is the well-known feeling to almost everyone. I think even a meek animal can hear the language of love. He or she also understands this voice. Love is the purest passion of our heart. In other sense love is the weakest passion of which even the great kings could not save themselves. Love somehow is a stupid emotion. Francis Bacon in his essay Of Love described about love which is a very common emotion known by all and the very weak emotion which captures even king’s heart. Recently the prince of England Harry married three years older Meghan Markle. He did it only because of love. Love is that passion which nobody can deny. It is the most valuable human feeling. It is an experience in the field of emotion. If we construct definition it can be said out coming of strong feeling of affection for a special person is called love.

Love has to be divided into many parts. Spiritual love is always related with God and Godly things. This is not like human love. This is free. A bird in a cage is human love. But a bird in the sky is God’s love. This is the very difference between human love and God’s love.

From thousand years love story of a boy and a girl is a popular thing to people. Animal love is one kind of love. A philanthropist loves his all fellow-beings. This is also a kind of love. It means universal love. We can learn from it universality.

Our most part of literature is based on love. Sometime it is spiritual. Sometime it is about human love. Indian literature and foreign have so many poets, novelists, story writers, dramatists who wrote their pieces based on love. In India Kalidas’s Avigyan Shakuntalam is a divine work (drama) based on love. Kazi Nazrul Islam, R.N.Tagore, Jibanananda are the Indian poets who wrote many love poems. These content have spiritual as well as human love. Tagore wrote more on spirituality. But Nazrul also wrote on spiritual theme. The novelist S.Chatterjee wrote Devdas, Arakshaniya which were the novels of unfulfilled love.

In foreign literature there are so many writers and poets who wrote on love. European literature is mostly based on love. Among them American and British literature are the vital parts. Though African literature has a little part of love literature.

In English literature Shakespeare, Milton, Shelley, Marvel, Sidney, Spenser, John Donne wrote so many love poems. Sonnet is based on love. It is about unfulfilled love.

There are so many forms of love. Friendship is one of them. A true love for a friend is always equal to God’s grace. It can never demand anything except the other person’s happiness.

In conclusion we say that love is surely a good human value. Genuine love is an asset to man. As you never has the ability to buy this through money. Love is a pure passion of heart which is a thing to feel rather describe. We know it very well that a beaten heart has no medicine to cure than love, kindness and good treatment. So keep this value lifelong and try to make people really happy. 

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