Me in Ten Years

Life has beautiful modulation swinging into the barriers of age. Each stage gives a different experience and learning. Life is certainly a beautiful teacher who helps to learn during the passage of its walking the life circle. How much one derives the benefit out of it is absolutely the individual attitude. Life never lies: but overtly depicts each person his entire actual color of life. Gain from it or discard: It is completely open to you! 

Ten years hence, I will be in my late sixties. Whether I will consider myself as old and discarded; is left to my will power and my individual judgment of my mentality. Generally, most people consider themselves a burden to the society at that age, perhaps but to me it would be my prime enriched age with vast experiences the life had taught me by then.  My thinking power may stick to some orthodoxy; my memory may reduce to certain extent. But I will remain energetic and a positive motivator even then as I have always been.  To me age is the numbers and has to follow its own course: But my heart remains as sweet sixteen  as I always try to keep ahead ever since my growth.

I would in fact have more enriched experiences that life has taught me by then and have had envisaged the knowledge at that age to write more matured and sympathetic and philosophical stories and poems. My books might see the changes of sea in its exploration as a seasoned Author.

I am a feminist and write a lot on women–empowerment. May be some of my matured, enriched life experiences be depicted in my writings to motivate, rejoice and empower the modern ladies of that time.

Of course, I would be categorized by the society of India as an old man. But certainly not without a young heart. I would not love to give up  entertaining the younger generation  as a "Digital Jockey" as I have been doing in my Facebook Timeline for couple of years  by now. Today, I bring joy and thrill and hope equally in the hearts of old and young as a DJ. The same would prevail then, too.

I am the person who believes that life is the most precious gift of God. To retain and live it with full joy, melancholy and hope is our individual responsibility. It should be lived to the fullest and for the present. It should not by any chance be cut short because of the negative emotions erupted in us. Our emotions should be trained to face the curves of life. No thrill can be that enjoying without mingled with depression. As the dawn is enjoyed and appreciated after the dark night, so should the happiness in life be treasured after the sadness been covered? That is the maturity of life story; the life teaches and expects us to follow.

I think, I will be more younger and enriched ten years ahead in my life. I am a positive Motivator and forsee Life as a precious Enjoyable Gift of the Almighty!

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