We will discuss here about the different measurement.

We commonly use metric system of measurement. This system covers centimeter (cm), meter (m), gram (g), kilogram (kg), liter (l), milliliter (ml), etc.

Let us take a small stone in our hand and feel how heavy it is. Now take a brick in another hand and obviously we will feel it heavier. We can perfectly measure the mass of these articles with a balance.

Suppose if we take our math book and our school diary we will see that the math book is longer than our school diary. We can measure the lengths of these two books perfectly with a scale or a measuring tape.

Now let us take a glass and a cup. Fill these two with water. We can easily estimate that the glass contains more water than the cup. But we can measure the volume of water perfectly only with the help of a measuring cylinder. In the next topic we will discuss about the various units of measurement and methods of measuring different articles.

Fifth Grade

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