Modern Art

Art is the soul of life. Art makes life lively. Modern art is a new genre in the artistic world. Modernity in arty is a very pleasant thing. In an art form modern thinking becomes marvelous. Modern art is the refined version of our years existing art. Art means creativity. Art makes simple thing extra ordinary.

Modern art actually means the artistic works were happened in between 1860-1970.The artistic features, artistic products, and culture of that ages are considered as modern art. The word is generally linked with industry. This scatters the glory of past through self- evaluation. The birth of modernism and modern art was found to the age of industrial revolution.

Modern art is new in taste and genre. It broke the traditional standard of art. This art is blessed for its forwardness. It developed its position through hundred years of various major art movements. It has inevitably seen an eclectic range of styles.

To trace modern art’s marvelous prospect one must recognize and make out the many forms that compose it. The artists of that time showed their interest in recreation. They produced the new models from the old. They re –imagined and re-interpreted all the things of art. They even rejected the aesthetic values of preceding styles.

The starting of modern art was with light and airy impressionism but this modern art is ended with energetic abstract expressions. The modern had to be faced so many major movements.

Painting is an example of modern art. Portraits are other examples of modern art. Modern art is renowned for its aesthetic and celebrated version. Akriti Art Academy is an example of collection of modern art and sculpture. Pablo Pikachu and Andy Warhol were two of modern artists. Art has two sections. One is contemporary and other is abstract art.

 There are many museums to collect the artistic elements of modern art. MOMA - Museum of Modern Art is an art museum located in New York City. It has been important in developing and collecting the items of modern art. It is often identified as one of the largest and too much influential museums of modern art in the world. MOMA’s collection presents an overview of modern and contemporary art. It also includes the works of architecture and design, drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, print, illustrated books and artist’s books, films and electronic media.

MOMA has 300000 collections of books and exhibition catalogues , over 1000 of periodical titles and over 40000 files of ephemera(its about individual artists) and groups. These archives are the primary source material related to the history of modern and contemporary art.

Modern art is succinctly defined as the glory of human life. Modern art represents a set of ideas among a number of artists who with their individual and collective effort sought new ideas or approaches of art making. Practitioners of each of art represent a new term of communication which is visual language. This language is original .These works of art are the representative of time.

Modern art was affected by so many things. These are -cubism, impressionism, surrealism, American Gothic (1930) oil on beaver board, Art institute of Chicago etc. Art is the reflection of our society. Modern art also has an impact in our society. Art makes our life meaningful.

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