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What can one say about Mothers thatis left unsaid? Can one ever over-emphasis the significance of a mother is a person’s life? Can one ever celebrate the special place she holds in an individual’s heart by dedicating one day of the year to her? The answer to all the above queries is an emphatic, “No”. However, it is equally true that we go about our usual run in life without bothering to pause or think about the people who are of utmost importance to us. It is for this reason that celebration of Mother’s Day, assumes paramount significance.

Celebrated every year on the second Sunday of May, this one day commemorates the spirit and overwhelming contribution of a mother to a family and to her children. It is an occasion for kids, children and adults alike to stand back, pause and introspect on the gift of absolute love they have continually received from the source of their very sustenance and to show their appreciation and respect and love for that one person who have been there for them, under all circumstances from cradle to the grave.

A mother works round the clock to keep her family nourished, nurtured and cared for. In return she neglects her own wants, desires, even needs. She is the one who receives no break from her duties. She has no holidays, no rest time and no respite and needs to be on call and on her feet at all moments. Such a person deserves all the respect and care and more and this is one day one can go about making her feel so special. Not that one should not, on the rest of the days.

Mother’s Day celebration preparation starts much beforehand inschools and in children groups wherein children, make cards, handmade gifts and curios for their mothers to make them feel loved. Some children wake up early that day, make the breakfast to the best of their ability and surprise the mother with this turn of table for that one day. This one day of love, pampering and attention does act as a rejuvenating shot in the arm for this unique bond and creates beautiful memories.

Mothers not only nurture and care for their children but are also instrumental in showing them the path of righteousness, inculcating the right c=values and ethics and making her children eventually good human beings. A contribution as monumental as this, cannot go unnoticed and unrewarded. Her own health and fatigue notwithstanding, she wholeheartedly participates in all her children’s activities, becomes delighted in their joys and inspiring in their times of distress. She is the security blanket we all crave for, no matter how adult or grown-up we might be, in our times of desolation. She is one person whom we can always rely upon for the best advice, best care and the best attention.

The significance of a mother is next only to God or more. Since God physically cannot be present for all his children he left a bit of him in all mothers to care, protect and love the children. She is the most precious gift bestowed on humans and a day dedicated to her makes us realize that she must be treated royally not only for that particular day, but throughout the entire year.

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