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For any person, serious about chalking out a career after the completion of his/ her academic journey Career Plan is something that needs to be taken up very seriously, after much introspection and assessment. It must take into account our skills and interests, abilities, educational and other qualifications, talent and also correlate it with the purpose and the drive that motivates us and where and how do we visualize ourselves, a couple of years from now.

In my case after the completion of Management, I felt I was all set. Mapping my future course of action with my current potential, I was all geared up to enter the world of corporate mad-rush as an H.R personnel and interview within the campus ground ensured I got my first break in L.G Electronics, a Korean venture, with corporate office in Delhi. My small town bearings, not withstanding, I joined my first job with immense zeal in the capital city and worked hard to keep myself abreast of my career goals. Hearing from my relatives and not-so-lucky friends ‘You’re so lucky’ gave me a head rush, for some days at least. Reality sunk in within months of slogging over there that it was just a job and not the kind of career which had I envisaged, for myself.

Took a good, hard look at myself, reviewed my core responsibilities on the job and realised that the work provided me with no lasting gratification apart from the one day high of watching the salary being credited in my account. People around me reiterated that it was the only thing that counts. Not so, for me. I had enough. I wanted to break free. But where, and how? 

Time to take stock of the situation. I still needed a job but not this one. Not for very long. So, what other qualification, degree, and skill I had that I could utilize. And more importantly what will give me a more solid purpose and a reason to go to work, every day. The answer was clear. I wanted to go back to academics.

Well, not to study this time but to teach. I had a Master degree in English, followed by an M.Phil. But teaching was serious business and Ineeded a government certifiedteacher’s training degree too. I had none. But my passion drove me.I needed to fill in the gap between my skill and passion and so I enrolled in a distance education teacher’s training course while on the job and on an impulse, one day, applied for a teaching position in a Senior Secondary school in the neighbourhood. Unexpectedly, the call came, the interview transpired and I sailed through the demonstration class.

A dream journey began. As a teacher and then a Co-ordinator, then an Academic Vice-Principal. Each day, since then has been a revelation. Each morning, a blessing. 

My career plan was fraught with misgivings, initial hiccups but the perseverance paid off in the long run.Not giving up on my passion and the ability to make dreams come true makes the infinite possible.

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