Natural Beauty

“Natural beauty is the best beauty”

Natural beauty is always truthful. Anything which is natural is very healthy. It has a sparkle of beauty. It never descends or changes the rule of nature. This kind of beauty is always very touching. Nature means truth. So anything which is true is beautiful. Natural beauty has cuteness. That means originality. It never needs any make up or a facial. These make-ups are artificial and devoid of true genre.

In other sense after a long period the physical beauty will decay. But beauteous nature is also a kind of beauty that never decays. There is a best quotation “beauty is about being comfortable in your own skin.” The truth is holy. It is beautiful. In Indian literature (Sanskrit) there is a famous line “satyam shivam sundaram”. This line is almost same with Keats’ “beauty is truth, truth beauty”.

Natural beauty does not need any exaggeration. It is as simple as water. Still it has a unique quality. A lotus in a pond is an example of natural beauty. But it has a divine grace. The beauty which has its own quality is always remarkable. It relies in our heart. For this reason at the same time it is great. Trees are natural but this beauty is everlasting and blissful. They are beautiful both in inner and outer sense. Our nature has no ornament, make up or facial in spite of that it is very lively and awesome. Natural beauty never tries to impress. Instead they are always trying to express. It never   makes any illusion in our eyes. It always reflects on our eyes. Any natural state is always relaxing to us. To express natural beauty we may quote Edward Abbey’s words, “there are some places so beautiful they can make a grown man break down and weep”.

To love natural beauty is not a simple thing. It is always heroic. So that Nikki Rowe expressed, “what a rebellious act it is to love yourself naturally in a world of fake appearances.” So this quotation is very meaningful in the context of describing human beauty. Men should not run after appearances. Instead they must try to find the profound beauty which will be long lasting and seemingly adorable. One should always happy with their appearance and try to adore his or her natural beauty. The definition of beauty does not mean only external beauty. It has a vast idea. It means your clarity, nature, expression and so many things.

So never rushes for getting more beauty kits as well as never underestimate yourself for looking average. Remember simplicity is divinity. You just need to take care of your health properly .Then the beauty will come from your inner parts that beauty will be very natural.

The smile is an example of eternal beauty, when a person smiles that lustre makes the whole area happy. It is because it is real beauty. Nikki Rowe quoted about smile, “stories are made about girls like you. The wild ones, those rare faces that smile in the midst of chaos.” Remember love, patience, smile, calmness are the elements of long lasting beauty. It is very natural.

Beauty means to keep fresh. It does not matter how much time you spent in parlours. You just need to take a proper care of your health. Here health means your body, skin and mental health. There are various home remedies for maintaining your beauty. Meditation or yoga and deep breathing are the best way to keep your beauty. Healthy diet and good exercise are very helpful in this way. Maintaining a healthy life style is always beneficial to maintain natural beauty.

In conclusion it is to be said that natural beauty is God gifted. It is a gain from nature .Only our good practices will be helpful to keep it natural.

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