No Pain, No Gain

Every one of us have heard of the maxim ‘No Pain, No Gain’ and have used it innumerable times in our everyday lives to drive across the need to persevere and struggle to make our dreams come true. The road to success in not paved with diamonds and glitters, it is lines with the sweat and blood of our hard work and toil and what better than to illustrate this point using nature’s own example of childbirth.

Only a mother knows what struggle, what pain, what amount of effort she has to put in before holding the baby in her arms, for the first time. The bliss is euphoric but the journey is arduous , more arduous for some than others, nut difficult nevertheless for all. Whether one has opted for natural childbirth or cesarean or the cumbersome process of IVF, or opted for surrogacy, or decided to brave the odds of society and be a single mother, the path is lined with hardships and thorn sand physical agony and mental suffering but ask any mother, whether she would trade one moment of that pain for the glory she achieved at the end and the answer will be an emphatic ‘No’.

To drive across the point one may remember the hard working farmer who was wrongly imprisoned on charges of robbery and arson. His lazy, indulgent son was a no gooder. The farmer realized there was no way out and though he might finally be acquitted on grounds of no evidence yet he would lose this year’s earning from the harvest since he was confined to the jail. So, he devise a master plan. He called his son to the jail, for a confidential meet and through subtle hints confessed to him that he had hidden all the loot in this land under layers of soil. All the son now needed to do was to dig it up and use it as per his discretion but he needed to dig deep and dig hard.

The lazy son was tempted by the lure of windfall gain and the very next morning and for days to follow, one could see him toiling hard in the sun, digging up the ground and tilling it till late in the evening. But to no avail. He rushed to his father once again and his father cautioned him that the police might have found out about their hide-out and he needed to cover up the land, as soon as possible,using seeds to germinate in the ground, so that the riches were all concealed, for good. The greedy son, did likewise, else the police might put him in jail too, for abetment to crime.

A year went by, and in due course of time the innocent farmer was set free by the Court and as soon as he reached home, his son lamented that he has been taken for a ride and there was no wealth to be dug up in their ground. The father’s eyes glistened and he took out his son for a walk in the fields and asked him to cast a look around at the lush, green crops, ready to be harvested,  that lay swaying in the breeze and said “ This is the wealth, I was talking about’.

Always remember that there is no shortcut to success. The road to success does not have an elevator, you must climb the stairs, one at a time in order to reach there.

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