Plant and its Flowers and Fruits

We will discuss about the plant and its flowers and fruits. Flowers, fruits and seeds are the other parts of plant.

Flowers: Different kinds of plants have flowers of different smell, shapes, sizes and colors. 

Sepal: The outer-most portion of a flower is called sepal. Just like leaves the sepal is green in color. The sepal covers and protects the flower when it is a bud. 

Petals: Next to sepal, there are petals. These petals are colored and attract insects. For example, butterfly hovers over the flowers.

Stamens: At the centre of the flower, there are long stalks called stamens. These form the male part of the flower and contain pollen. The inner most part of the flower is pistil. It is the female part of the flower. 

Pollination: Transfer of pollen grains from stomata pistil of flower is called as pollination.

Most fruits contain seeds inside them. Some fruits contain only one seed while others many.

Many plants grow from seeds. When a seed is placed under moist soil, it begins to grow after a few days. Each seed contains a baby plant and some food for it. When seed is sowed, the seedling begins to grow its root under the soil and green leaves above the ground. Thus fruit helps the plant to reproduce.

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