“God and truth are only politics in the world, everything else is trash.”

Politics is the prime thing of society. Every country has own politics. Politics is the pillar of administration of every country or nation. Politics came from a Greek word that means affair of the cities. It is a process of making decisions that apply. This process is applied to members of a group.

It denotes achieving and exercising positions of governance. Politics is organized to control over a human community. This is particularly for a state.

In modern times people have formed so many political parties described   their motto with their speeches. The ruling party takes the advantages of the benefit of a governing body.

Politics includes our governance and constitution. Parliament, Assembly, Municipality and Panchayet are regulated with politics.

Politics lead our governance system. It has its vital role in the matters of nations’ legal affairs. No country is free from politics. Politics   has power to control the condition of nation and society.

Politics represents different type of foreign relationships, national and international activities, world class view and universal communication in between government and governance. But the main paper or subject of politics is the social ground. In social group  politics   has  its own organization ,institutions, movements and leaders. The occasion or purpose of politics  is to guide public’s life with a positive motif to make a developed  society.

Politics is the mixture of science and arts. It is called science because the developed social laws influence the politics. It is called arts as it focuses on process and involves the use of experience, intuition, creativity, courage and imagination.

Greek philosopher Aristotle introduced the term `politics`. According to him it is a civilized form of community that serves the `common good’. As described in Greek it also means `an art of government’. The aim of politics is to make the relationship normal between public and government. Not only that it also makes a relation with different social groups   for determining the objectives, form and content of state activity.

It is an integral part of modern society. It has a complex and multidimensional structure. Politics make target to various groups of the society. These are - classes, community, international organizations, political parties, foundations, forms of government and many more. These all structures have the ability to operate freely and independently. These institutions carry certain information. They has functions but those are not identical.

The ultimate goal of politics is world peace. However peace does not merely mean the absence of violence. It means something more. Actually in reality peace means a sustainable position or stable condition .Justice is needed in every nook and corner of the society to live a peaceful life. Though our dream is to find a utopia, It is not possible. We are helpless to go there in our worldly life. It is a day dream. Whatever the situation is we must follow a good politics to make a healthy nation and healthy world. Good politics will obviously give us good nation with more power. That power will be the cause of our nation’s development and this will be a universal politics .This politics will be for all.

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