Mythology tells us that the world is the combination of Shiv and Shakti. Shakti is power. Power is the root of creation. This world is nothing without power. A person may powerful or powerless. But the reality is that everyone has some within them. The extreme law of the world is all the creatures are powerful to some extent. Every being also has their weakness. So the truth is that man is made of both power and weakness. The power is the cause of our existence. Power is life. Weakness is death. Empowerment is the motto or trend of modern life.

All the living and non-living things of the universe are made of power. Power is everything for our existence. Power is linked with creation. Nothing can be done without power. Power is the cause and source of everything in this world. This world has no meaning without power. God made our body without power. Though this power is limited it has some capabilities. The power of every living and non-living thing things varies. If elephant is powerful with its large volume then an ant is also powerful with its small size. For doing anything we need some power. We living beings take food. This food transform into power. It helps us to do the works .Physical power is a kind of power. Mental power is a kind of power. Education is a kind of power. Education is a powerful weapon through which we can make others also powerful.

All the things of the universe need some power to use their strength. So everything is valueless without power. Our physical strength is a power which enables us to do a lot of works. Mental strength or power helps us to take any decision. It also protects us from any kind of mental nuisance or psychological danger.

Money is a form of power. Now modern society is a slave to money .People uses it ethically and unethically. This form of power is very rude and violent. Political strength is a kind of power which is very terrific. Law is a kind of power. It is aggressive in nature. The misuse of this power can cause so many   miseries to common people. Law is very strict in nature.

Holy thinking, love, respect, affection, kindness are also forms of power which are more powerful than hatred. A man of good virtue is more powerful than a man of sword. A sword can kill one person at a time but virtues or good thinking are like virus if those could spread in a good way then those will be fruitful in many ways. So virtues are powerful in words and actions.

Thinking ability is a power. If this is our strength then we can easily become a good thinker. Silence is a kind of power. It has its power in a hidden manner. Silence is the root of happiness. Silence transfers a man from flesh to quality. Our speech is a power. As it enables us to say the truth we should protect this power very carefully.

Power means an ability which controls anything. It may be the person, any living creature or any other thing. Power saves others from danger. Misuse of power is never good. It can earn many evil things with that. So let us take an oath that we never misuse the power. We always work ethically with power. Power is the extreme reason of the world. We should maintain this truth for the goodness of human –beings.  We always remember it. Power is needed to lead and save a society. Power is the cause of climbing the ladder of success. Power leads a person to do the works .But violent form of power is always harmful .It is harmful to all. It will invite decay to a state, society or mind.God is the only power. Every power is powerless to him. Man must use this weapon   very carefully only for goodness of mankind.

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