Practice Makes a Man Perfect

No matter how difficult or seemingly improbable a task may seem, persistent, continuous and rigorous practice on a consistent basis can make the seemingly impossible too possible. Working hard on any skill or habit is the only sure-shot way to master it. It is not only enough to acquire knowledge nut also to apply it in practice involving time and effort that will make us get the hang of it.

Rome was not built in a day. Great players like Don Bradman, Sachin Tendulkar, Pele, Messi, name any sport and any stalwart you can think of? Do you think they achieved their level of perfection in hour or a day or a year? No, it took them years and years of accumulated effort, at the cost of their sweat and tears and blood to reach this spot. There can be no substitute for hard work and dedication.

Musicians, artists, players, world leaders, business analysts it does not matter which field we are talking about. Everyone has to spend years and years of practice with concentration, discipline and persistence to excel at it. It is an extremely versatile concept which can relate itself to abstract skills such as mathematics as much as practical skills such as carpentry.

Practice helps us to achieve the desired level of proficiency so much so that even if on the day of judgement our concentration and conscious brain fails us, our sub-conscious memory or muscle memory may waltz us through the difficult times with effortless ease, if we have put in our share of concerted practice before that.

Remember the first time you got on a bicycle or stepped into the pool or handled a car. How nervous, shaky and jittery you were? But once you knew the technique and more importantly once you practiced it yourself day in and day out. You find yourself getting much better at it. So much so, that years later when you again mount a cycle or dip into a pool, you may feel you have lost the complete hang of it but your muscle memory and sub-conscious brain shall help you wade through.

Out of practice makes the best of artists, players, and aspirants rusty. Scientific studies corroborate this rule which categorically states that if you put in 10,000 hours doing an activity in a repeated loop, you are bound to achieve competence in acquiring that skill.

It is an important lesson for all the students who feel that competition is getting too edgy. It is not quite enough to gain the knowledge of a subject matter but more important, it is to keep practicing it and applying that knowledge repeatedly, to be able to out-pace others.

It is an inspiring lesson to all those who falter and think of surrendering in the early stage. The proverb keeps us motivated and inspired in the darkest hours, showing that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and all we need to do in the meanwhile is put in a little more practice.

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