Reading is a Good Habit 

Reading is not a good habit, it is one of the best habits to inculcate from the womb to the tomb – both literally and figuratively. It is so beneficial because ithelps to develop the mind, acquire nuances of a language, enhance communication skills, share information and ideas and makes a person more empathetic by nature.

It is a fact, well-proven that reading to the unborn child, in the womb provides auditory stimulation for the baby’s evolving brain cells and can help them get accustomed to the parent’s voice and relate to them organically, even better. It helps to boost their intelligence and enable the baby to develop cohesive bonding with the person who reads out to them diligently.

Once born, from a very young age just after music, reading has the perfect soporific effect, if done on a regular basis at night time. Reading is the perfect tool to help the young minds to listen, form queries, whet their appetite, ignite their imagination and develop their intelligence as they learn to relate better to a world outside their purview. Not only that it allows the children to act more responsibly towards the society than those who indulge in other forms of recreation like watch too much of television/movies or playing video/mobile games.

In order to cultivate this habit of developing sustainable reading, it is critical that it is introduced from an early age. Parents must take out the effort to acquaint the children with books, as many as their resources would allow or through access to a pooling club for books or through a public library.

The school, from the elementary level itself keep a well-stacked collection f age- appropriate books for the children to read and enjoy and get used to. It is also crucial that reading is not introduced as a task but rather as a fun exercise to rep its maximum benefit. Education, in the real sense should mean that reading is a pleasurable exercise, when everything is said and done. It should be a cocoon they can crawl back into, it should be their safest recluse in case of boredom or anxiety and it should be their best friend and confidant.

Graduating from fiction, the child must be exposed gradually to all other forms of writing which will have a solid and positive bearing on their life. Poetry, biographies, autobiographies, history of a nation, science fiction, the socio-economic and politic milieu around them everything should be covered in their journey to adulthood.

Taking the art of reading beyond the classrooms and not limiting them only for scoring better grade in examination should be the main purpose of any school/ parent. It is not only the social responsibility of the school, but the society around which should promote, maintain and leverage public libraries as a place of recreation and relaxation and throw its doors to the widest network of people.

Books which build a person’s character, inspires and motivates one when down and out, imparts light of knowledge, language acumen, inspirational thoughts, empathetic nature and calms one down and is also provides the best company is indeed a friend to hold on, for all times.

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