We have heard our elders saying that 'cleanliness is next to godliness'. Sanitation involves various activities to achieve cleanliness all around.

How does our health depend on sanitation?

There is no need for doctors or medicines when sanitation exists. Sanitation keeps diseases away.

We will learn how to maintain sanitation around us. In our whole day activities we produce wastes of various kinds. We use water for washing, cleaning, bathing, cooking, etc. and produce water wastes. We also produce wastes from our body as urine. The water-wastes and urine are liquid wastes. The liquid wastes from our bathrooms and toilets etc. are called domestic sewage. We also produce solid wastes as waste paper, waste food, faeces etc. Domestic solid wastes are called garbage.

Domestic sewage and garbage make our houses and surroundings dirty. So we must have proper ways to dispose of the wastes.  

Fourth Grade

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