Save and Store Purified Water

We will discuss here how to save and store purified water.

How do we save purified water?

We need to save water because it is very essential for our life and we should use it very carefully. It should not be misused or wasted.

We can do the following to save water:

(i) We should try to keep the water clean or pollution free.

(ii) We should not waste water unnecessarily. We must take only as much water as we need.

(iii) Some of us use tap water at our houses. We must close the tap right after taking the water.

(iv) If water-tap is leaking, we must replace it with another one.

(v) We should also close the water-tap in a street, if it is running needlessly.

How do we store purified water?

It is not enough to have purified waters. The water should also be stored and handled properly.

We should do the following to store purified water:

(i) Water should be stored in clean vessels. The vessels must be placed at a clean place.

(ii) The mouth of the vessel must be covered with a lid.

(iii) We should use a clean hand and clean tumbler to dip into the drinking water.

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