School Uniform

School Uniform implies to all the students of different schools in Universe. It is the code and brand for the particular institution. The color combination of different schools refers to their motto and theme of that school along with their batches. In various countries the school dress is commonly worn in the primary and secondary schools.

To trace down the history of school uniform it would be a difficult matter because there is no specific history written on it. However, it is understood to have originated down in sixteen century in the United Kingdom. The first school to have used the school uniform was the Christ Hospital School. 

In spite of the fact that in the modern era the school uniforms have turned out to be a societal dress codes, school uniforms are considered as an old-fashioned and conservative form of practice.

However, it has been discovered that the school uniforms application has a positive psychological impact on the students of elementary and middle school students.

It has been found by the researchers that with the application of the school uniform been made compulsory in the schools these results are effective on the students:

1. The absence rate minimized and fewer truancies have been found.

2. The school offices received lesser complaints of behavior

3. Better grade results achieved by the students and in some cases analogously  higher achievements made. 

4. The number of students being suspended and expelled is reduced.  

5. There appears a huge reduction in crimes and sabotage percentage 

6. The school uniforms bring about positive side of the children’s rights.

7. It brings about a social control

8. It reduces the gender inequalities, racial and class status.

Besides, the school uniforms give a feeling of pride imbibing to the institution for the students to which they belong to. Reducing the differences of the gender they mingle in a healthy and joyful attitude to fulfill the motto and goal of their school.  This as a result also decreases the social barriers amongst the students. They might have a different attitude and standard of living at home but in the institution of the same name they become of equal status – students of the same school – co-students only.

In inter - school matches played outside school or tournaments, school uniform act as a source of motivation to the respective school and gears up the full force energy to the team members of that particular school finally resulting to a positive outcome for them.

However, with the school uniform a student risks the chance of bringing in a bad name for the institution if he fails to keep up to his  personal behavior in the society and neighborhood. People notice their school uniform and understand the brand of schools they belong to. Thus, the students need to monitor upon their personal behavior especially outside the school to avoid causing bad name for their own school. The school authorities should time and again educate their students about this fact and caution them to regulate and maintain their behavioral aspects in public.

The school is yours: wearing the school uniform either you makes it a renowned and good one in the eye of the public or destroys it by your wrong behaviors and code of conduct.

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