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 The modern era is the era of Social Media. The younger generations loves the fast forward life and are very conscious of time –management.

With the world turned Global the distance between the countries have reduced and the knowledge and education have far reached amongst the countries of unknown.

 Social Media have become the medium of interaction between the people of far reaching countries at the shortest possible time and life has become a possibility as if in the next door.

 The Social media sites have turned very popular and are the means to become known and exchange of views and express the different talents that one has between people of numerous countries. 

Today, far distant country in the West like America is no more a mystery to the youth or elderly people of India in the Eastern Hemisphere of the Universe. The exchange of views between two people or several people amongst themselves are executed within minutes and seconds. What a great wonder! A simple technology brings in something thought impossible at one time. This is the outcome of Human Civilization, of course.

India is gradually going Digital. At least that is the dream of the present Government of India to come true in short time from now. The Government of India is working ardently for the same. Indian civilization and higher education specially in the field of Engineering and it relation studies are producing huge number of able and successful Engineers. It is becoming the asset of the country thereby helping them to allow the country become technology savvy and at par with the developed countries.  This in return is pulling the attention of the world towards India’s Development and economical progress. Indian scientists are given value in the world scientific summits. Many are offered lucrative assignments to aid the other developing or developed countries. Not all migrate to help other countries having successfully completing their studies and stay back in their country to make India shine further to reach the helm of the South East Asia. There is a likely chance in the near future of that dream, too.

The interactions between the youth in the present days are mostly done through the social media.  With the popularity of the technology they are given better lucrative facilities in various Social Medias as the present days sees a lot of new sites coming up. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn to name only a few which has hundred million of users these days. Chatting amongst the youth and the old alike are very common these days for emotional stress reducer after may be a long tiring job. There arise the benefits of the psychological relief of the parents of the long distance working children by interacting with them over the social sites which also gives the opportunity of visual exchanges are no doubt a blessing of the modern technological development. They are emotionally touched with them in mind and heart over these sites daily or perhaps once or twice in a week.

No doubt, Social Media is a great means of gift to Human Life in the modern Era! 

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