“Your positive action combined with positive thinking results in success”.

                                                                                  - Shiv Khera

Success is never a static thing. Success is a process. No one is perfect from birth. Success is the journey towards perfection. Success is a never ending process. One success leads to another. There is no short cut in the way of success. Success means perfection. This perfection is never a thing to buy. We should achieve it through our hard labor. We must attain success through vigorous willpower. A will power is the high protein to get the healthy body named success.

In our world it is showed that people may fail several times but this failure is due to our supreme success Failures are the ways to climb the ladder of success. Failures become the milestone of success. Remember the fact that our greatest scientists did years of restless research to achieve their goal. Thomas Alva Edison, a great scientist succeeded to make electric bulb after a few many attempts and after a few years of research. So always try to catch your negative sides as the hallmark of your positive   divine glory.

The daily sun may set but never let the sun of your mind set for a moment. If we are in winter then surely the spring will come. Change is the rule of the seasons .Change is the rule of our universe also. Nothing is permanent .Just Waite and watch. No matter in what position you are now. Just do your work patiently. Time will give you the prize of your hard labour and honest works.

No one is born successful. We are just in the way of success. It is an unchangeable universal system that we are going to big from a very small state. Likewise our work is a path to our life. How much we will go is depended upon the work of our own. Work is the fruit giver of fortune or misfortune. So we should always careful to do our work.

Success is an accomplishment of an aim or purpose. In other sense it means the good or bad outcome of an undertaking. Success is nothing but a continual or serial or a process of a daily work. When our work will go to the supreme tower we will achieve success. Success is like a jealous girlfriend. She demands hard work and pure heart. If the hearts are pure then surely they will go the topmost no matter. Try to follow the ways of success to be a very   successful person.

To attain success one must confident at his or her work and heart.Patience, persistence, good notion towards work are the keynotes of success. Success is the good friend of brevity. The person should be very brave to heart. Success is the favorable position or state of our own payout. It means prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors .The hunger of success builds a hope in our heart. When this hope fulfills we call it as success.

Our labor is an input and our success is an output or a feedback to us. Success is the reason of our life. The journey towards success makes life meaningful. Success has different gifts. It gives us both worldly and divine pleasures. When our mind is filled with happiness this is a kind of success. We all are born as simple. Our work, environment and chances make us a successful person. So never discriminate a man who tries to attain success. We are not only for ours but also for others.

In conclusion we can say that success is not everything in our life. There is something big from it. This thing is value. A man is zero without a value. Try to be man of quality. If we fulfill our life then it will be only the pure success .It will be divine. Its essence will be scented forever.

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