Taking Care of Our Teeth

Taking care of our teeth is as important as our health. When we look after our teeth permanent teeth properly they will last a lifetime. But if we do not take care of our teeth properly they may decay and fall off. Once permanent teeth fall off then no new teeth will appear in their place. So, it is therefore very important to look after our teeth.

When we eat food small bits of food get stuck between our teeth. If those bits of food are not removed then germs start growing on them. Germs give out substances called acids, which harm the enamel and then small holes form in the teeth they are known as cavities.

Once the cavities form in the enamel, the germs attack the teeth and the cavities become bigger and deeper. If a cavity reaches the pulp, the tooth starts hurting.

Brushing our teeth after every meal removes these bits of food. We must brush for at least two minutes. Brush the front teeth up and down. Move the brush in circular motion while brushing our back teeth will remove the bits of food stuck between our teeth. Suppose, if we notice any cavity we should ask our parents to take us to a dentist. The dentist will fill up the cavity and further damage will be prevented. We should avoid eating sticky candy, chocolates, etc.  

Different types of fizzy drinks have acid in them  and are not good for our teeth. Have plenty of milk, eggs and leafy green vegetables and these food give us Vitamin A and calcium, which are good for our teeth.

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