Teacher’s Day

Commemorating the birth of Dr.Sarvapallai Radhakrishnan, who was himself an eminent teacher and an educationist much before he became the first Vice-Presidents of India and the subsequent President, Teacher’s Day is celebrated in Indian, with pomp and aplomb on 5th September every year. All over the word Teacher’s Day is celebrated on different dates, in accordance with the birth of a local educator who may be highly regarded or an important milestone in the field of education. The world Teacher’s Day is however celebrated on 5th October, and it was flagged off in 1994 by UNESCO, drawing inspiration from the fact that on this day in 1966, a special inter-governmental conference adopted the UNESCO endorsement regarding the statuses of teachers.

India has long been a country where the teacher or the Guru has always been held in the greatest esteem. It was considered the most inspiring of all jobs, a job that allowed one to shape minds, hearts, intellects and thoughts. A job which allowed a young boy or a girl to pursue their dreams in the right direction and provide the wind beneath their wings. A job which not only fuel their passion and allows them to take charge of their destiny but also imparts the right value which keeps them human and grounded. It is not surprising then, some of the greatest men in history have always been extremely vocal about their appreciation towards their mentors. Case in point- Sachin Tendulkar and his utmost regard for his mentor Sh. Ramakant Achrekar.

Celebrated with pomp and show each year on 5th September, Teacher’s Day, it all started with the vision of one man. When the students cajoled their favorite teacher Dr Radhakrishnan to allow them to celebrate his birthday, he acquiesced on the condition that it would not be a personal things but would take into account the efforts and endeavors of lakhs of teachers who  slog every day, in their bid to build a worthy generation.

He himself believed that in a developing country like India, teachers have a hugely significant role to play and must accordingly be awarded the due respect and dignity.All this and much more is mentioned in his writings that he penned down for ‘Political Thinkers of Modern India’. The man of varied talents was also a philosopher who wrote this treatise on ‘Bhagvad Gita’, where he addressed the teacher as someone ‘who emphasizes on presentation to converge different currents of thoughts to the same end.’

Hi political insight and vision was acknowledge even amongst his stalwart contemporaries like Nehru, Gandhi or Dr Rajendra Prasad. He was quick to bring in line the errant members of his own political party and warned them of the consequences of falling prey to corruption and nepotism or being too complacent.

Such a man of rare insight and acumen truly deserved this day to be dedicated to his name. It is a reminder to the nation to extend due regard and respect to its mentors and the people who work tirelessly to instil faith, confidence and good senseamongst its citizens.

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