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“The first step in the evolution of ethics is a sense of solidarity with other human beings.”              -Albert Schweitzer

Working in a team is not so easy. Everyone has no such quality. To work in a group is a great quality. An individual player is a personal achiever but a team player is always achieving an impersonal achievement through his or her team work. Here one can get the scope to learn more things. Here one has the chance to make strong various fields. The success of a team is mostly depended on the basis of work of every individual. Here everyone should use their capacity or capability for the benefit of the team. Whether in sport s or in cinema the success is always depended on the work of the every team player.

While playing in the team every individual should play with their terrific quality so that each and everyone get the support of others. Here everyone is powerful. The work you have to do is to channelize that power in a right direction. The best thing is needed is a solid work. There is a need to control the team work also. Unless the team try to control their work then the ultimate goal is always undone. So every player of the team should be very cautious about the success of the team. Suppose in a discourse everyone has a vital part to play. Here all are equal. So living in a team the first duty of a team player is to maintain a connection with other team members. Remember good connection is always the vitamin of great success. A sweet connection is the first necessity to play in a team. Unity is a great quality to a team player. There are some qualities which are very helpful      for a team player. These qualities are:

Always Reliable

In a team every person should depend on others. Everyone must be trustworthy to others. Support is the best part in a team. Everyone should work solely. Their focus is always in total benefit. Best effort should be provided to complete the work. A positive relationship should be there in the team.

Communicate With Confidence

To communicate with confidence is the key of a team player. Courage is the most wanted thing in a team. You have to remain silent at the time of working with confidence. Honest ideas are given priority in a team work. So a team player should carry honest ideas with him. Remember the work will be always constructive. So this is another key for a team player.

Does More Than Asked 

This is very simple issue for a team player. When someone is in a team he or she has to ready to do more for the team than which is asked. This is the keynote of success as a team player. Everyone should be influenced by others. The team should make a chain between them. Everyone should take risks, step outside from their comfort zones and come up with creative thoughts are the good things to move ahead the team as well as to be a successful team player.

Adapts Quickly and Easily

Adaptability is very good for a team player. While living in a team a team player should have the knowledge to get every message easily. 

Displays Genuine Commitment

A commitment is very important for any work. A team player should always commit to the team. The focus will be always the benefit of the team.

Besides that one should be very patient, tolerant, perseverant, calm, hopeful, energetic and benevolent   to be a successful team player.

So one thing is clear that to be a team player one needs the group work as well as all kinds of personalities to be a team player.

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