The Autobiography of a Horse

I was born to run which gave me the survival edge to flee from ferocious predators  and am blessed with an superlative sense of balance and a strong survival instinct which lets me know just when to stay back and fight and when  to flee. I am one of those rare creatures how are able to take a shut-eye both while standing up and lying down. The younger I was, the sleepier I felt. However just like you humans, I find my ability to doze off has seriously gone down with my age. By now, you must have placed me. I am a ‘Horse’.

We horses biologically can be categorized into three distinct breeds: 1) the wild-spirited, hot-blooded horses genetically blessed with speed and endurance used for battles in erstwhile days but extremely difficult to tame and domesticate otherwise, 2) the cold-blooded ones which are biologically suited for slow, heavy work such as draft horses and ponies and 3) the warm blooded horses developed which are basically a cross between the cold-blooded one and the hot-blooded ones, like me. We are genetically engineered breed, best suited for riding purpose in a disciplined manner.

Since, I was 2 years old and taken away from my mother in the farm where I was born and reared up, I have found myself in the Calcutta Horse-Racing stadiums. I am made use for various Sports competitions and non-competitive recreational pursuits but primarily we are used for racing to place bets on. Some of my brothers and sisters are actively working with the police force over here in the city, helping the State to maintain law and order and they kind of look down upon me since they believe my work is not that important or honorable. They should meet my patrons someday who lovingly fondle me before every race, urging and imploring me tow in just this one race which can make or break their fortune.

Mother used to tell us stories about how our ancestors were once used for fighting wars on the battle-front for the sake of the nation and their tribe. However, tanks and armoured vehicles, and M.I.Gs have since then replaced us though frequently we are taken to one or the other film-set for shoot purpose. Those days are fun. We are pampered with a lot of goodies though the work, in itself is tedious and repetitive.

Horse-riding is a specialized skill and not all who desire to ride us can master the different methods of steering and controlling us. I have been personally known to throw off many an arrogant suitor off-balance. However, I love taking kids around. Most of them are so gentle and loving, though I must admit some of them are real spoilt brats and throwing off my front legs in the air is enough to quieten them.

Oh, I was once taken for a marriage procession of an aristocrat in the city. I had never come across so many lights, and loud, blaring music and those fire-crackers. Needless, to say, I had got quite jumpy and almost thrown the groom on the ground. His friends caught him in the nick of time.

Today, I am almost 30 years old, so they say. I have retired from active race and take leisurely strolls in the Safari Park where children come for a ride. Life is good.


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