The Autobiography of a River 

I am the life-source of all creatures in this planet. I know of no other movement but the onward retreat since for me retracing my footsteps is never an option. No matter how treacherous the terrain may be, no matter what the odd are piled against me, the best I can do is keep moving forward and carve my own path through mountains, boulders, craters and caverns. I originate from the top of mountains as the snow melts and the mountains find it difficult to hold onto me and let me go and with complete sense of abandonment and excitement for the onward journey, I set off. By now, you must have recognized me. I am a river.

A perennial one at that. For those of you, who attended their geography classes at secondary level with even an iota of concentration, will know what I am talking about. Unlike other seasonal rivers which dry up during major part of the year, I remain in force throughout the year, watered as I am by the snow clad mountains. The downward journey from the mountains is indeed very treacherous. I have to find my way downhill the steep mountain paths and do it in such a manner that I do not come gushing downwards in full force. Sometimes, however, the climate changes force an abundance of water down the hill at one stroke. During those times, I find it difficult to maintain my equanimity and composure and cause flooding. I feel so helpless washing away the houses and the belongings but with increasing soil erosion, the mountain paths do not provide enough friction and the increased acceleration on the smoothened tracks sometimes make me cause such accidents. Though dams and reservoirs help to a certain extent, it would be a greater boon if Man could plant more trees and increase the forestation areas. I love the forests and the meandering paths around it.

I come down from the mountains sparkling clean and fresh but no sooner do I reach the plains that the amount of dirt and filth being piled inside me makes me retch and vomit. I do not understand these humans at all. I am their life source. If God forbid something were to happen to me tomorrow, they would find their entire survival at stake. Yet, day after day, flinging away all care and concern they continue to make me their permanent dustbin.

I do not know how much I can take it anymore though. Nowadays I have started stinking at places and I staunchly refuse to step in some places where they spare no though to my cleanliness and sustenance. Life is a cycle, humans must understand that. What they offer to nature is what nature shall return to them in multiple measures.

So much for today. I have arrived at the end of my journey. I can see the ocean stretching his hands in front of me, harking me and inviting me to submerge and surrender within him. My love has found its destination and I am finally at peace.


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