The Beauty of Tree

Nature  is the cause of our  existence. Trees are an essential and vital part of nature. Beauty means sweetness, loveliness. It means inward truth. Trees are crowned with that jewel. A tree has several parts. Such as roots, branches, leaves, flowers, fruits. Each & every part of tree has a beauty. These scattered beauty makes the whole beauty with the all elements. Nature is bliss to us. The trees are an asset to human beings. There are six seasons in earth.Trees make these seasons complete  with their presence. In summer  there are  so many trees like champa, sunflower which bloomed make the world beautiful. Besides that there are fruits like mango and watermelon which are the symbol of juicy beauty of summer. In monsoon the trees become green & lively. The earth is covered with green velvet in this  season.This beauty is the symbol of innocence, purity & holiness. These all are qualities of internal beauty. Bu it is mother nature’s grace so we can visualize with our eyes & feel with our heart. In early autumn the trees present themselves with calmness and gentle breeze. The blooming lotus in the pond is a good example of trees’ divine beauty. In late autumn  grass with dew drops, tress with light snow and mild breeze  complete the sense of the season. 

In winter snowfall covers the trees’ head & cold wind blows everywhere. This is an example of wintery beauty. At last the monarch of season came. The sixth season of the earth is spring. In that season new leaves, new flowers flourish the external beauty of trees. The green world is very soothing to us. With new robe the trees become queen of their kingdom. The waving of pine tree on the top of a mountain is a scene of beauty.

We all know that trees give us oxygen, food, shade, rain& so many things. These are the gifts of trees for human beings. Beauty does not always mean external outlook. Beauty means to be good & to do good. So neem is very beautiful as it always in favor of living beings. Trees have that quality   of beauty. So there beauty is everlasting.

Beauty means spontaneity. So that Wordsworth in his poetry worships nature. The poem Daffodils is an example of that beauty. Beauty tells our conscience I am the giver of peace and comfort to your soul. Music is also the gift of trees. Chinese proverb said, keep a green tree in your heart and perhaps a singing bird will come’’. Trees have a close relation with Birds. Birds increase the beauty of trees. Naturalist John Muir adores the beauty of the trees in his writings .R. N. Tagore in his so many poems described the beauty of the tree.

Philosopher Goethe explained nature is the living, visible garment of God”. Trees’ beauty is constructive & beneficial to living beings. We can finish with the lines of Susan Fennimore Cooper-

“Of the infinite variety of fruits which spring from the bosom of the earth the trees of the wood are  the greatest in dignity”.

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