The Biggest Misunderstanding

Human beings have the basic need to be understood. Some of our closest relations are forged on the basis of mutual understanding, trust and respect. In our life sojourn, we tend to gravitate towards people with whom we feel understood and share a mental wave-length. Being emotionally in sync with another human being helps us thrive and keeps us happy.

So, it came as no surprise to me when found myself falling rapidly in love with ‘he’ walked into my life. Here was a person who didn’t need to be told/expressed what my heart’s deepest desires were. He was so invested that it came naturally to him to be the way he was and yet make me feel completely understood. It was the rare kind of relation you experience once in a lifetime. A great human being, generous and magnanimous to the core, either he was perfect or I was blinded, in love to believe so.

To set the record straight our love was star-crossed right from the outset. Ours was an inter-community thing, which in the remotest by-lanes of a small town held a lot of significance. His parents who were dead opposed right from the start, made it amply clear that they would have nothing todo with us in case we went ahead.However, the man was steadfast in his decision and we set up to our own abode based on the love we had for each other, as the only asset.

 A month into this union and in walks his sister with her toddler after  leaving behind a fractured relationship which had left her utterly broken and embittered and brought nothing into her young life except an adorable munchkin . Though she was putting up at her parents place, yet she was a constant fixture in our house and my husband, left no stone unturned to help her gather the ruins of her life and stand up on her feet.

Young, bubbly and spirited as she was, she made the most of this opportunity, landed up with a job and was set to stride forth with confidence and élan in her life.My husband and I were in perfect sync, all this while, as in all the rest of the things we did in our life to bring back happiness in her life. However, his parents and he, secretly kept nurturing the hope that my sister and her husband would once again be reconciled eventually since divorce and separation were still unheard of, in these quarters.

However all this changed one fateful evening. The doorbell rang as I came back from work. I opened it to find my sister-in-law standing on the door holding the hands of her employer, a man from the same community to which I belonged, declaring her love and her decision to spend the rest of her life with him. The fact that his family had welcomed her and her son with open arms only bolstered their conviction to be true to each other. I was happy for her but I knew the road ahead was treacherous. I implored her not to rush into things and take thingsslowly, giving ample time to the father and brother who had held her hands steadfastly throughout to come to terms with the changing scenario. I promised to speak to my husband, making him see the love and reason behind this union. 

Time, however, conspired to create the irrefutable rift of misunderstanding between us. Before I could reach out to my husband, word reached the ears of her father and he suffered a massive cardiac arrest. The sister – in law chose to walk out hand-in hand with the love of her life and the toddler, in tow, while my husband remained behind to tend to his ailing and heart-broken parents. He never openly accused me of anything but since that date, he confessed that deserting his parents, twice, and in his hour of grief will never be an option. He never came back. The fact that the sister-in-law chose to confess in me before she allowed access to him or his parents, the fact that he belonged to the same community to which I did was enough to indict me. Without speaking a single word the chasm of understanding between us had created an immeasurable rift and set us asunder.

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