The Celebrities Give Us Bad Examples 

Celebrity is a person who work or act on Government agendas or Worldly elites on rules, promotion of nakedity, freedom, cruelty, killing, peace, relationship, patriotism, and family planning for money.

Now, we will discuss how the celebrities give us bad examples?

Just imagine our society without a celebrity? One of the prime factors that aid frame our society today is the Celebrity! Just turning on television, reading articles in the internet, books or magazines; we acquire the knowledge of the Celebrity’s personal and professional activities. Celebrities are highly projected in the media, today.  We tend to follow the everyday activity of the celebrity. We keep a close interest in their everyday life, struggles and the minute sadness they encounter in their life. Keeping a close nabs on them and having a keen interest in their personal life, they very often become our role models. 

Seeing the celebrities luxurious and renowned, many people try to ape that celebrity’s life style. Finally it will lead to a lifestyle which not all can afford. This impossible event in one’s life appears the only way they can feel good about themselves.

Although there is regular negative influence by celebrities, it is certainly the personal target, self-esteem and generally inducts in some people since it is really difficult to be like someone who is affluent, flawless and beautiful. Thus, celebrities are dangerous role models to the teenagers. The young gets reeled into their loose talks and drama, resulting in these teens wasting their time investigating unnecessary controversial facts and issues.

You must not forget that there is a great difference between viewing of a celebrity on the front of a magazine, rather than turning to every page scrutinizing into the minute personal life details of the celebrity.

It might not be so harmful to catch something on the TV about a certain celebrity, but constantly  watching and keeping a close circuit nab on their personal life is very harmful to an individual, particularly for a teen. Trying to know from many gossips from different source of media can have very negative impact on a teen‘s life.

It should not be forgotten that the teenage years are vital formative years for adolescents because “self consciousness peaks in teenage years, “they become engrossed deeply to their role models. It has been discovered that fifty-three percent of American girls of thirteen years old are less contented with their bodies and fantasies a greater expectations on their individual physical appearance   because of the “flawless” celebrities being portrayed in the media.  This gives rise to a negative impact on these teenagers. They wish they had similar bodies like the celebrities. They waste a lot of their precious time applying make-ups to content their expectations.

Actually, these teenagers ought to have good role models instead; to form opinions of them.

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