The Movie That Motivates Me

For some time, I have not been so lucky to spare some time for a few movie viewing. But I can certainly remember and speak of the last movie that I have witnessed. A Bollywood movie in Hindi language by a brilliantly talented and renowned director, Sanjay Lal Bhansali tilted “Bajirao Mastani”. Bajirao Mastani celebrates and entails the heroic but Painful life of Bajirao.

It is a Love story of a warrior. Please do remember that Love just happens. It cannot be planned. Neither you know until you actually fall in love; who could be your lover!  Well, if you have the believe or prejudice of someone should not love someone: I would sorrowfully say that my friend you fail to understand what love really is?

It is the story of a great Maratha warrior named ‘Bajirao’ who falls in love with another lovable, courageous Muslim family born warrior named ‘Mastani’. Love does not distinguish you as a person of any religion. It only demands a heartily lovable man and a woman in the materialistic life. Love makes you sensitive and   careful to the person you love. At any point of time His pains hurts you the most. His sorrow drowns you in melancholy, first.  His happiness swings you to the sky and you fly like a free bird, first.

If you are a good movie buff and a creative artist of modern world, you would certainly love its brilliant sets, colorful canvas, larger than life imagery,things for which Bhansali is best known in the industry !

There is a song ‘Pinga’ in this film which reminds you of ‘Dhola Re’ from another Bhansali cult classic, ‘Devdas’.

There are certain points for which this particular must watch movie motivates me are enumerated below:

1. This movie states that You need to be Loyal to your country:

Loyalty towards one’s country is the primary duty of any valid citizen of that country. Bajirao’s father, Bajirao Ballal Balaji gave up his life for the sake of saving his kingdom from Mughals. This same trait was bestowed to his son Bajirao. He overdid in protecting his motherland.

2. One should always be Confident:

Bajirao always portrayed confidence in his character. This of his character trait helped him successfully take up his father’s place as a Maratha General.

3. One should be always Loyal towards his Benefactors:

In spite of facing notorious attacks, Mastani saved Bajirao’s life.  Owing to this Bajirao remained Loyal to her till the end even protesting to numerous opposition from his own people.

4. Remaining faithful towards the first Love:

Bajirao’s first love towards Kashibai never reduced in spite of his second marriage to Mastani.

5. Always remain just and kind hearted towards your countrymen:

The hero of the film Bajirao never tolerated any injustice of his countrymen and always remained by their side in helping them for their betterment.

6. In the Battle field one has to remain a brave warrior:

This reminds me of the holy scripture Gita where Krishna advises Arjuna the same.

Here in this film Bajrao always displayed his bravery greatness as a warrior on the battlefield and met all his opposition with positive results. He startled even his enemies and gained their praises.

7. The Hero kept a Balancing act between Love and War:

In spite of the fact Bajirao got soaked in sweat and blood he he never neglected Mastani, Kashibai and his orthodox mother, too. Having well knowledge of his priorities he could keep the balancing act tactfully.

8. The hero of the film had Self-Believe:

However important or critical other people’s views were, Bajirao maintained his own believe on the subject/ problem. Even having faced opposition from his own people after marrying Mastani; he never changed his view on the subject.

9. The Hero was bold and made no Discrimination:

The great point of motivation that I had on viewing this film was the Heroes’ belief that the biggest religion in this beautiful Universe is Love and Compassion. He believed in the Equality of individual Human Being and treating everyone equally under the sky in this Human existence.

I only cherish that somewhere in the near future some Bollywood Directors again make a movie on Bajirao with same space for the man, his battles and his love life. Perhaps with the name Bajirao was better known as ‘Rau’.

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