The Perfect Marriage

Let us at the commencement understand what a marriage is all about?

It is a method of making two persons’ relationship public, permanent and official. In fact, it is the process of bondage of two people that putatively should continue until death. But these days it is increasingly shortening by divorces. 

Therefore, we should remember that the essential reason for marriage is Not Procreation… We need to know that the marital promise between a man and a woman, as claimed by them is consummated by a single purpose that is proclaimed  by “ fulfilling by either party the behavioral conditions of procreation” (here emphasis  is on mine).

But what does a happy marriage mean?

A happy marriage is said to be the combination of respect for each other, open communication, hard work and immense love.

However, one should not waive out the fact that perfect marriage is not a destination. It is a phenomena that constantly change. One need to learn and adopt to keep the marriage always a new and innovative never allowing it to stale at any point of time or if it contaminates by any means or reason; step out immediately to rectify and refresh it immediately.

People always speak out of the other couples and express as they are made for each other!

The fact remains that no two marriages can be compared because each marriage is a fantastic lay of the characters involved and a plot laid down by its characters. This gives the curiosity to a question often thought of is that ‘is the perfect marriage a myth?

If we Remember the fact that a marriage is the pious relationship between two ordinary imperfect people.  If the people are not perfect, how can we then say that their union is perfect?

Yes, I fully agree that there are marriages that ‘seem to be perfect ‘. But don’t forget they are very much in love, never argue, show affection in public, consent with each other on almost everything and do claim that they are happy a happy married life. Let me strongly utter in words that there is no death of such couples (which is undoubtedly a unique thing) and naturally everyone feels that live in a cocoon of love, life and laughter but it is very illogical to say that these people live in a perfect marriage  without a dull moment in their life.

We know very well that each marriage has its individual ‘moments’. In each relationship there ought to be tiring and trying times, why tied down to marriage. Each couple has to undergo tryout intervals and tests in their life which calls for persistence and love for each other. As we know that marriage is not an agenda. Marriage actually does not have a perfect definition or rule: No, not the one your mother-in-law tries to coerce you to follow or the one your grand-mother tries to explain to you. 

To keep the marriage intact, innovative and always look fresh is creative art. Each marriage has its own manifesto. Be it a silly –playing jokes with the husband (and this should be perfect with loving and understanding couples) or anything that works well with a husband or wife. It is you who has to conclude as to what kind of marriage you desire. It is you who know the idea of your love.  My idea of love (in spite of the fact that I write on love and relationship and women –empowerment) or your mum’s fancy for love  would probably  be entirely different than yours and your husband’s.

Discover your language of Love. Even if necessary, formulate a new language of your love. Always try to find out innovative ways of inducting Happiness and Fulfillment in your marriage.

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