Types of Stem

If we carefully watch different plants, we will find different types of stems. Some small plants have soft juicy stems; these are herbs. Paddy, wheat, banana and most vegetable plants are of this type.

Some small plants have harder stems, with bushy branches growing from their bases. These plants are called shrubs. China-rose, Datura, Rose etc. plants are some common shrubs. The larger plants with tall pillar-like woody trunks are called trees. Mango, Banyan, Teak etc. are some of the common trees.

Some herbs have very weak stems. Creeper These plants cannot stand on their own. They grow along the ground. These are called creepers. Ground-nut, Indian spinach plants are some common creepers. Often we find plants with weak stems growing upward by coiling around any firm standing object. These plants are known as climbers. Grapevine, Gourd, Money-plant etc. are some of the climbers.

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