Units to Measure Mass

A standard unit is adopted to measure any physical quantity. We commonly use gram (g) and kilogram (kg) as units to measure mass of any substance.

But beside these two there are a number of units, which are used to measure mass. Practically, units for measuring mass of any substance depend upon the quantity and nature of the substances; more is the quantity larger is the unit.


1. Gold and Laboratory chemicals.

2. Small vegetables and grocery items

3. Larger vegetables and heavier grocery items like rice, wheat etc.

4. Bags of potato, rice, pulses etc.

5. Iron rods, cement bags etc.


Milligram (mg)

Gram (g)

Kilogram (kg)



Relative Value

1/1000 gram

1/1000 kilogram

1000 gram

100 kilogram

1000 kilogram

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