Weakness is a power as well as truth of our life. We all are weak in some in cases whether physically or economically or even mentally. The point is that we all have at least a few weaknesses. These weak corners are the gifts in hidden manner. So apparently weakness is strength to us. This is a gift from Almighty. No one is almost powerful in the world. God has made everyone with some weakness and some power. So no one is totally perfect. Only God is perfect. When someone is weak in health then some is weak in money. Some are weak in nature. Some are very strong in nature. Some has strong mental strength. But some has very poor mental strength. In this way God made the world with his purest perfume. A baby is very weak when it is born. As the age is growing a baby is becoming stronger than from first state. Now it is proved that it is our journey from weakness to strength .This journey is like darkness to light. Every man has their weaknesses. Animals and insects are also having their weaknesses.

In our normal life we all say or discuss about our weakness .But weaknesses are vital to the interview. An interviewer always gives importance to our weaknesses. So we must careful when we are in front of interview table.

It is not only enough. We all human beings also have some personal weaknesses. The synonyms of weakness are –defect, proneness, deficiency, failing, flaw, fragility, frailty, gap, instability, lack, lapse, shortcoming etc. The antonyms of weakness are-advantage, perfection, plenty, strength, strong point, success, ability, antipathy, disinclination, dislike, hate, hatred, health, indifference, loathing, soundness etc.

A man can define himself through his weaknesses and strength. Suppose a man is angry which is his weakness. Lack of temperament denotes that the man is weak in nature. He has no control over his wrath. The example of a lame man suggests that he is physically weak. A person who has no knowledge and has no strength to take a decision refers to mental weakness.

Thus in this world everyone has their own weakness. If they will not check themselves this folly may be the cause of their downfall. An honest person is weak because he has no power to state a lie or to choose the way of vice. A cruel person is weak as he is devoid of having a pure heart.

But it is also true that if we use these weaknesses as our strength it will obviously become fruitful. Our weaknesses are the determiner of our fortune and character. So if we use them in a good way those weaknesses will never be our shames but it will be our ornaments.

There are some people in the world who thought cleverness is the best way to win everything .But the truth is that honesty and purity are the bravest ways to get divine success. A person may weak in his economy and health but he should not weak in his character. He or she must be a king at heart. Then no weaknesses have no power or even dare to touch that person in anyway.

A baby is apparently weak but its presence creates a holy atmosphere around us. Being the gift of Almighty a baby is the hall mark of purity. Whatever the condition or the situation is but our presence a divine atmosphere. Weakness and strength are both the creation of Almighty. So people should not boast of their strength. In reality this is also a plaything of God. Forgetting everything we may hold the ultimate truth that we are beings of the universe. Our importance is very important to the  earth. 

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