What is Normal Body Size?

Our normal saying about body size is that God made us so or we are created by God so. Our almighty made us in that way. But science said a very different thing. According to science our size of body is depended upon climate, environment and obviously the gen. Sometime we see that the child of tall parents is also the short. This is an exception. Here we are going to discuss about our normal body size. The natural body size of human beings. This should be vertically and horizontally.

This size is determined by a combination of genetics and environmental factors. These make an active area of research both in science and social science. There are 697 genetic variants that affect the height of an individual. Genetics play a vital role to study the variation among the population. Human growth is affected by poor childhood nutrition and illness. Our standard of living is very important in the context of our body size.

The root factor of body size is BMI. The full form of BMI is body mass index. This BMI is very important in the context of normal body size. There is no accurate size of normal body size. It varies. Generally if we have weight according to our height then surely it is a normal size. If we have less than it then we are under weight. If we have more than that then we are the patient of obesity.

If we have the power to reshape our body I thought most of the people would do that. Though there are so many treatments to look our body more beautiful than actually we have.

According to a research of National Center for Health Statistics the normal height, waist and weight of adults (20 and over) are-


Height in inches - 69.2

Weight in pounds - 195.7

Waist circumference in inches - 40.0 (101.5 in centimeters)


Height in inches - 63.7

Weight in pounds - 168.5

Waist circumference in inches-38.1 (96.9 centimeters)

To find an ideal body size is not the work of a guessing. There are many ways to find out this body size. A normal body size is very beneficial to keep a healthy   life. A good health is depended upon a normal body size. BMI calculator is very helpful to find out our body mass. In this process only height and weight is not only OK. But it also   includes amount of bones, muscles and fats in our body. This whole composition is included in the BMI process.

What is the average size of the woman’s body? It is also a question. As we know more weight will be very risky to the women. Now a day the average American woman’s height is 5’4’’, waist size is 34 - 35 and weights between 140 - 150 lbs.

Now it is to be thinking that we should maintain a normal body size through   maintaining some healthy ways of living. Then only we will be healthy and wealthy forever. We will  be happy with our body size also.

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