Where there’s a Will, there’s a Way

Coined in somewhere around 1640, this proverb has been widely put to use since 1800s. If one can tap the inner motivation to work out something, one will find out a way to accomplish that. It is as if when your hearts strongly desires for something, then the whole universe shall conspire to help you find a way to reach over there.

The proverb lays emphasis on the importance of motivation and will over limited resources. Human beings are immensely resilient beings. When pushed against a corner, they can move mountains and achieve the impossible. The indomitable will power of human beings do not know how to accept failure. It is the greatest driving force in this universe and has been the inspiration behind some of the seemingly impossible happenings. A person will find a way out to achieve success by overcoming the obstacles laid out in front of him using this essential element.

The path to success is never strewn with petals and flowers. It is rough, it is bumpy and it is strewn with thorns. Only a person with indomitable will can surmount these obstacles to attain his goal. One must not be disheartened by obstacles in his way but should aim steadfastly on his objective and plod ahead.

Remember the greatest American President, Abraham Lincoln. He became President after a series of failures in his life by dint of his determination and efforts. The greatest Hindi Film Actor of all times, Amitabh Bachhan himself admits that he had seven flops before he could come up with his first blockbuster hit movie.

Mahatma Gandhi, the epitome of non-violence and peace had to face a prolonged struggle to gain independence for the Nation using his exalted principles. Nelson Mandela, had to fight a lone war against apartheid for the longest time before his cause was vindicated. So, did Martin Luther King who brought radical changes to the manner in which blacks are perceived in U.S, today.

Beethoven was deaf when he made the Fifth Symphony. Milton was blind before he penned the classics Paradise Lost, Paradise Regained and Samson Agonistes. Helen Kellen was both deaf and blind when she turned into a blind educator and opened up the School which is still making monumental difference in the lives of so many disabled people. Sudha Chandran, the legendary Bharat Natyam dancer lost her legs at an early age but when on to dance her way on the stage with a prosthetic one. Look around you, there are hundreds of living examples of people whose strong desire and immense will power have led to climbing the summits of unsurmountable mountain peaks and explore the depths of the sea.

The trick is never to become disillusioned, disheartened or dispirited. Pessimism never won a battle. There is always light at the end of the tunnel but you will have to make your way up till there. Patience, perseverance and commitment to our ideals will definitely yield results and one must always maintain that positive approach which shall propel him forwards in the game of life.

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