Work is Worship

This maxim determines our approach and attitude towards work. Work is something most of us have been doing in our entire lifetimes. Since the time we were born, depending on our situation and courage, we have been involved in doing innumerable activities during a given part of the day. Even when we fall asleep in the deepest of slumber there are n number of activities which go on in our system without our express motivations , for example- sleeping, breathing, digesting, anabolism, catabolism, rejuvenation of cell, formation of new cells and disintegration fold ones. As long as the human body is alive, work continue to command a major part of its structure.

So, now that we have settled on the premise that work in intrinsic to our being let us examine how one person’s work is different from another. Why does some of us feel so reluctant to apply ourselves to our job while others do it with such passion? Why do some people combat insurmountable odds to accomplish theirs tasks while others find it hard to reach work, on time? Why are some people so lauded and inspiring during their work tenure while others find it relieving to let go of one job after another?

It is our approach, our attitude, our temperament towards work which makes some of us stand apart from the crowd and revel in their careers or make a significant contribution to the well-being of the society. It does not matter whether the work is paid or unpaid, some people always have the zeal to do job well-done while others are by nature sloths. A child who is learning how to walk or a mother who is running on toes behind him to feed him or a doctor who goes beyond his call of duty to attend to the next patient or a maid who stoops down to dust the floor, every job is well-done if it is done with love, with passion and with dedication. Else it clearly becomes a routine job, done only to get through the day or earn a salary at the end of the month.

A cheerful, optimistic outlook which does not leave scope for complaining and cribbing and makes the ambience miserable is of no use. No matter how petty or ennobling a work might be, it can only make a difference if it is done with love. If you are to be a cobbler, do that well and be proud of it. Similarly  a teacher, a research scholar, a house-maid, a cook, a homemaker, a mother, a father, a student, whatever, apply yourself at that time to that job with 100% love and dedication and concentration and watch the pleasure multiply.

Even if it something as inconsequential as standing in a queue or waiting for a public transport, we can spend all our time on complaining and feeling sorry for ourselves or we can make the best us of that time by relaxing, listening to music , reading or making friends and sharing tit-bits with others in the queue. At the end of it, your perception has widened and you leave the premises a better informed person.

Doing any job that falls within your lot to the best of the ability without calculating or worrying too much about its consequences, that is the core of ‘Bhagvad Gita’ and that is the essence of the proverb ‘Work is Worship’.

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