Worksheet on Electrical Energy

Worksheet on electrical energy contains various types of questions.

The important information will help us to the answer the questions given below.

Conductor: The object through which current electricity flows.

Insulator: The substance, which is a bad conductor of heat and electricity.

Current electricity: Electricity, which flows through a conductor.

Static electricity: Electricity, which remains static at its point of generation.

Live wire: The wire through which current electricity is flowing.

Live plug point: The plug point in which current electricity is on for tapping.

Battery or electrical cell: A device, which generates electrical energy from chemical energy.

Filament: Very fine coiled wire present inside of an electric bulb.

Flexible wire: A bunch of very fine concluding electrical wires coated with flexible plastic insulating layer.


I. Answer the following questions:

(i) Which electricity does not flow?

(ii) Name four appliances, which run by current electricity.

(iii) Why are the electrical wires coated with insulator?

(iv) How should we handle an electrical line?

(v) Why does a bulb glow?

(vi) Which side of a battery does act as a positive pole?

(vii) Name one good conductor and one bad conductor of electricity.


II. Answer in one word:

(i) By which metal the body of a dry cell container is prepared?

(ii) Name a household instrument in which electromagnet is used.

 (iii) In this age, which energy do we use the most?

(iv) How many terminals are there in a dry cell?

(v) Which part of an electric bulb glows to emit light?


III. Fill in the blanks:

(i) ________ is a very common metal, used to prepare electrical wires.

(ii) The brass cap of a dry cell indicates the ________ terminal.

(iii) Current electricity can flow through ________ though it is a non-metal.

(iv) Combing dry hair with a hair-comb generates ________ electricity in it.

(v) In a two battery torch the back lid of the first battery must touch the ________ of the second battery.

Fifth Grade

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