Worksheet on Energy Crisis

Worksheet on energy crisis contains various types of questions.

The important information will help us to the answer the questions given below.

Conventional fuels: The fuels which we use commonly in industries and domestic purposes. For example; coal, petrol, kerosene, etc.,

Non-conventional fuels: The fuels, which have potentials but are not so popular in use. For example; organic gas.,

Conventional energy: The energy forms, which are commonly used in factories and household purposes. For example; electricity, heat, magnetism, etc.,

Non-conventional energy: The energy forms, which have potentials but are not utilized so often. For example; solar energy, wind and water power etc.

I. Answer in one word:

(i) In rural area which natural power is used to irrigate crop fields?

(ii) Name the most popular conventional fuel in the modem world.

(iii) Which is used as the raw material to produce bio gas?

(iv) Name a non-conventional source of energy.

(v) Which energy does help to develop wind and water current in seas?

II. Fill in the blanks:

(i) By ________ heater water can be heated without electricity.

(ii) In ________ cooker heat is generated without any fuel or electricity.

(iii) In power plants ________ is commonly used as a fuel.

(iv) In hills water current in rivers are utilized to generate

(v) ________ energy is essential for modern life.

III. Answer the following questions:

1. Name two vehicles, run by diesel.

2. Name two non-conventional sources of energy.

3. Name two vehicles, where petrol is used as fuel.

4. Why are the windmills erected along the coast?

Fifth Grade

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