Worksheet on Food for Health

Worksheet on food for health contains various types of questions on needs for food to live and grow, different types of food groups and good eating habits.

Read the concept to answer the questions on food for health.  

I. Give two examples of:

(i) Protective foods

(ii) Energy giving foods

(iii) body-building food

(iv) Fatty foods

II. Fill in the blanks using the correct word given below:

regular, fresh, plants, potato, slowly

(i) We get most of our food from animals and ________.

(ii) We should eat ________ food.

(iii) We should eat our food ________.

(iv) ________ gives us energy.

(v) We should eat meals at ________ times.

III. Answer the following questions:

(i) Why do we need food?

(ii) List three good eating habits.

(iii) Why should you not eat stale food?

(iv) Why should you not eat uncovered food?

(v) Should you buy food from street vendors?

(vi) Should you eat cut fruits sold on the roadsides?

(vii) Should you overeat because the food is tasty?

Check the answers of worksheet on food for health:


I. (i) apple and carrot

(ii) bread and rice

(iii) egg and meat

(iv) ghee abd butter

II. (i) plants

(ii) fresh

(iii) slowly

(iv) potato

(v) regular

III. (i) We need food to grow, stay alive and remain healthy.

(ii) The three good eating habits are as follows:

(a) Eat food at proper meal times.

(b) Chew your food well and eat slowly.

(c) Do not overeat.

(iii) We should not eat stale food because it can make us fall sick.

(iv) We should not eat uncovered food because it can contains germs.

(v) We should not buy food from street vendors.

(vi) We should not eat cut fruits sold on the roadsides.

(vii) We should not overeat because the food is tasty.

Second Grade

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