Worksheet on Forms of Water

Worksheet on forms of water contains various types of questions on three forms of water and water cycle.

Read the concept to answer the questions on different forms of water.     

1. Is heating or cooling required to carry out this change? Write ‘H’ for heating and ‘C’ for cooling.

(i) Ice – water                    →           ______

(ii) Water – ice                   →           ______

(iii) Water – steam             →           ______

(iv) Steam – water            →           ______

2. Write whether the following takes place due to evaporation or condensation. 

(i) Clothes dry up when put out in the sun.

(ii) Drops of water are seen on the cold bottle kept outside for sometime.

3. What is the difference between evaporation and condensation?

4. What are the three different forms of water?

5. What is water cycle?

Check the answers of worksheet on forms of water:


1. (i) H

(ii) C

(iii) H

(iv) C

2. (i) evaporation

(ii) condensation

3.            Evaporation

On being heated, water changes into vapour. This is called evaporation.


On being cooled, water vapour changes into water. This is called condensation.

4. Ice, steam and water are the three different forms of water.

5. The water on the earth evaporates to form water vapour. This forms clouds as it goes up. Clouds bring rain and water comes down to the earth again. This is called the water cycle.

Second Grade

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