Worksheet on Healthy Environment

Worksheet on healthy environment contains various types of questions about our environment and the pollution in cities and villages.

We need a healthy environment to lead a healthy life for that we should shoulder the responsibility of keeping the environment healthy for ourselves and the coming generation.

I. Put a tick (√) against the correct sentences and cross (X) against the wrong sentences:

(i) Drinking polluted water causes us ill.

(ii) Vehicles pollute the air.

(iii) Water is polluted by waste from our houses and factories.

(iv) Polluted water does not affect animals and plants.

(v) Noise pollution is harmful for mental health.

(vi) The polluted air causes any breathing problems.

(vii) Healthy habits are increasing air pollution to a great extent.

(viii) Pollution harms all creatures.

II. Fill in the blanks:

(i) Our surroundings form our _________.

(ii) All of us need clean _________ to drink.

(iii) Factories and vehicles pollute the _________.

(iv) Drinking polluted water causes many _________.

(v) We must encourage _________.

(vi) _________ means spoiling of the environment by various causes.

(vii) Polluted water causes many _________ problems.

(viii) Noise pollution is very harmful for our _________ and _________ health.

III. Answer the following questions:

(i) Why do we need a healthy environment?

(ii) Why do we need to plant many trees around us?


Check the answers of the worksheet on healthy environment:


I. (i) √

(ii) √

(iii) √

(iv) X

(v) √

(vi) √

(vii) X

(viii) √

II. (i) environment

(ii) water

(iii) air

(iv) diseases

(v) afforestation

(vi) pollution

(vii) stomach

(viii) physical, mental

III. (i) We need a healthy environment to lead a disease-free and healthy life.

(ii) We need to plant many trees around us to control air pollution.

Third Grade

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