Worksheet on Honey Bee

Worksheet on honey bee contains various types of questions.

The important information will help us to the answer the questions given below.


Hive: Nest of bees.

Sting: Pointed hypodermic needle-like structure used to inject poison into the body of any enemy. This is present at the end of the abdomen of the worker bees.

Pollen basket: A hollow pocket, present on the third pair of legs in worker bees; it is used for collecting pollen grains.

Pollen brush: A comb shaped region on the third pair of legs in worker bees. It is used to brush the body to store pollen grains.

Bee bread: A mixture of pollen grains and honey. It is given to the larvae of drones as food.

Royal jelly: A nutritive jelly-like substance produced within the body of worker bees. Queen’s larva is fed with this special food.

Marriage flight: Flight of a young queen bee with some drones for mating.

Ovipositor: Hypodermic needle-like structure present at the tip of the abdomen of a queen bee. It is used for laying eggs.

Swarming: Flight of multiple number of bees in a group.

I. Answer the following questions:

(i) Name a social insect.

(ii) Which types of bees have pollen basket on thier legs?

(iii) Which caste of a bee society has the shortest span of life?

(iv) Where do bees build their hive?

(v) What is marriage flight?

(vi) Why are honey-bees beneficial to mankind?


II. Write whether the following statements are true or false:

(i) Drones have wax gland in their abdomen.

(ii) Fertilized eggs give birth to male bees.

(iii) Queen and drones do not have stings.

(iv) Male larvae are fed with honey.

(v) Worker bees are sterile females


III. Fill in the blanks:

(i) Workers carry pollen in _______ of their third pair of legs.

(ii) Worker bees _______ and nurse the larvae.

(iii) Mixture of honey and _______ is called bee bread.

(iv) Queen’s chamber is present at the _______ of the hive.

(v) Larvae of worker bees are fed with _______ only.


Fifth Grade

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