Worksheet on Looking after Our Body

Worksheet on looking after our body contains the various types of questions on how to stay healthy and fit.

Read the concept to answers the questions on looking after our body.

1. Sam needs to change one of his habits. Which one is it?

(i) He takes a bath every day.

(ii) He brushes his teeth only in the morning.

(iii) He always wears clean clothes.

(iv) He washes his hands before and after meals.

2. Posture is _____________.

(i) the way we sit, stand or move.                                  

(ii) the way we run.       

(iii) the way we talk                                                    

(iv) the way we exercise.

3. Circle the word that does not belong in each set:

(i) water, towel, shirt, shampoo, soap.

(ii) teeth, gums, cavity, soap.

(iii) poster, sit, stand, eat, walk.

(iv) germs, cavities, soap, toothpaste.

4. Put a tick (√) against the correct sentences and cross (X) against the wrong sentences:

(i) We must stand with our shoulders straight.

(ii) Muscles help our bones grow strong.

(iii) Sportsmen must exercise once a week.

(iv) Sugary foods help germs to live on our teeth.

(v) We can keep our bodies clean with soap and water.

(vi) Reading in a dim light is good for our eyes.

Check the answers of the worksheet on looking after our body:


1. (ii) He brushes his teeth only in the morning.

2. (i) the way we sit, stand or move.

3. (i) shirt

(ii) soap

(iii) poster

(iv) soap

4. (i) √

(ii) √

(iii) X

(iv) X

(v) √

(vi) X

Second Grade

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