Looking after Our Body

Looking after our body is important to stay healthy.

We need to:

(i) Eat the correct food

(ii) Get enough exercise

(iii) Get enough rest

(iv) Keep clean

(v) Sit, stand and move properly

The food we eat helps us to grow. It protects us from illness. It is important for all of us to get enough exercise. We can play outdoor games to stay fit. When you run around, skip, jump or take part in games, our muscles are working. This makes them strong. People, who do not do enough exercise, may get fat which is not healthy and can easily fall sick.

Our body also needs enough rest. That is why we should go to bed at the same time each night. Without enough sleep, we will be tired when we reach school. We will find it difficult to study. We will not enjoy playing games at school and at home.

It is important to keep our body clean. A daily bath cleans our body. It removes the sweat and dirt and we feel refreshing.

It is important to look after our teeth. We need to brush at least twice every day. Make sure that we rinse our mouth well after every meal. If we eat sweet foods, the sugar remains on our teeth. They may decay. Germs will grow on them. We may get holes or cavities in them. These can be painful! We must visit our dentist twice each year. He will check our teeth and fill up any cavities. He will also make sure that our teeth are growing properly.

It is important to wash our hands before and after every meal. We should also wash them when we come in after playing games. If our hands are dirty, the dirt on them gets into our mouth and other parts of the body too!

It is important to sit, stand and move properly. When we sit, we need to keep our back straight against the back of the chair. Keep our feet flat on the ground. This will prevent us from getting a backache.

When we stand up, keep our shoulders and back straight. Keep our chest out and our chin up.

When we walk keep in mind, keep our body straight. Swing our arms from the shoulders. The way we sit, stand or move is called our posture. We can practice a good posture every day, till it becomes a habit.

When we read a book, make sure that it is not kept too close to our eyes. We need enough light in the room. If we use a lamp, place it on the left side. The shadow should not fall on the same page we read.

To stay healthy and strong it is important for looking after our body and practice all these ideas everyday.

Second Grade

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