Worksheet on Movement and Shelter of Animals

Worksheet on movement and shelter of animals contains various types of questions on different types of animals and their different types of feet movements and shelters.

Read the concept to answer the questions on movement and shelter of animals.

I. Fill in the blanks:

(i) Hens are kept in a _________.

(ii) Frogs use their _________ legs to jump forward.

(iii) A snake _________ on the ground.

(iv) An earthworm lives in the _________.

II. Mark a (√) against true or a (X) against false statements:

(i) Fish have wings to swim.

(ii) The padded under surface of the toes helps a lizard to cling to walls.

(iii) The legs of cats and larger hunting animals are shaped to make them run fast.

(iv) Snakes have a number of legs on which to crawl.

(v) Insects have four legs.

III. Answer the following questions:

(i) How do legs of a rabbit help it to move about?

(ii) How are padded feet useful to some animals?

(iii) How should we take care of our domestic animals?

Check the answers of worksheet on movement and shelter of animals:


I. (i) coop

(ii) hind

(iii) crawl

(iv) soil

II. (i) X

(ii) √

(iii) X

(iv) √

(v) X

III. (i) Legs of a rabbit help to jump or hop about. They have strong legs. The front legs are short while the hind legs are long. The hind legs push the body to jump forward. They land on the strong front legs.

(ii) Padded feet are useful to some animals because this helps them to move silently while hunting for their prey.

(iii) We should take care of our domestic animals by providing them with clean shelters and sufficient food and water. We must also give them medical treatment when they are ill.

Third Grade

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