Worksheet on Multiplication and Division of Large Numbers

This worksheet aims at providing the learners with word problems on multiplication and division with large numbers. There are various sums of moderate standard which can be easily solved by the learners. While going through the worksheet the learners will go through various problems or story sums that involves both the operation multiplication and division simultaneously in one sum. Students are expected to write proper statements as these are story sums.

1. There are 6748 sacks of wheat each sack contains 53 kg of wheat. Find the amount of wheat in all the sacks.

Answer: 3,57,644 kg

2. There are 650 girls and 950 boys in a school. Each student has contributed $100 for school picnic. Find the amount of money collected.

Answer: $1,60,000

3. Sania purchased 4 tops for $8000. Now she decides to purchase 15 tops more. How much money will be required to purchase 15 tops?

Answer: $30,000

4. A car require 2 litres of petrol daily and it runs for 25 days a month. Each litre of petrol costs $ 75. Find how much money is spent a month on fuel of car?

Answer: $ 3750

5. In a cotton mill 1,25,000 m of cotton is required for stitching 500 shirts can be stitched with this cotton. Find meters of cotton required for stitching 1 shirt.

Answer: 250 m

6. 24 pencils cost $120. Find the cost of 150 such pencils.

Answer: $750

7. Reena in her birthday distributed 8500 chocolates to 170 friends. Find the number of chocolates distributed to each friend.

Answer: 50 chocolates

8. There are 25 tables and 25 chairs in each classroom. Find the number of chairs and tables in 15 such classrooms.

Answer: 375 tables and 375 chairs

9. A typewriter types 750 words per hour. If she works for 8 hours a day, find the number of words she type in a day.

Answer: 6,000 words

10. There are 250 apples each in 23 baskets and 600 mangoes each in 40 baskets. Find the total number of fruits in all the baskets.

Answer: 29,750 fruits

11. If the product of two numbers is 2550 and one of the number is 25. Find the other number.

Answer: 102

12. The price of one bicycle is $4000. Find the cost of 78 such bicycles.

Answer: $3,12,000

13. Find the product of smallest 5 digit number and the largest 6 digit number.

Answer: 9,999,990,000

14. 250 children in 10 rooms. Then find the number of children in each room.

Answer: 25

15. There are 4 fans in each classroom then find the number of fans in the whole school if there are 25 such classrooms.

Answer: 100 fans

16. The cost of 30 dozen oranges is $3600. Find the cost of each orange.

Answer: $ 10

Worksheet on Multiplication and Division of Large Numbers

17. 90,000 soaps are produced by a factory and packed in 30 cartons. Find the number of soaps in each carton.

Answer: 3,000 soaps

18. If each box contains 50 matchsticks then, find the number of matchsticks in 1500 such boxes.

Answer: 75,000 matchsticks

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